Weekly SGA Update: October 26, 2017


Funding Requests—Nanhao Chen

  • Powerade Pong
    • Requesting $390 for t-shirts
    • For profit which will then be donated to children for Crimson Christmas
    • University funds cannot be used for charity, therefore funding request is unconstitutional
  • Senator Miller
    • Requesting $101.03 for upkeep of library Keurig Machine
    • Order will include 100 count black coffee cups
    • 50 ct. Hot chocolate & tea cups
    • To be sold for 25 cents per cup
    • Passed
  • Senator Tucker
    • Purchasing of Coffee & donuts for DPS due to their service in light of the recent traffic incidents
    • Requesting $110.00
    • 2 containers of bagels
    • Bag of scones
    • Large amount of coffee, approximately 2 cups/officer
    • Passed

Student Affairs—Mark Sirianno

  • Senator Mudrak will be designing SGA Banner
  • Finding out who does marketing for various Transy Instagram accounts
  • Working on getting heat turned on in new dorms
  • Establishing cell signal extender in Pioneer hall
  • Addressing issue of crosswalks on broadway

Academic Affairs—Lauren Gilbert

  • Phi Beta Kappa – Senator Cahill to meet with Dr. Slepyan for more information on the application process
  • Foreign language assessment through CPC
  • Finding out more information on Career and Development’s role in obtaining academic internships – should it be their decision?
  • “Adjectives and Phrases” for honor code – what SGA believes needs to be in the document
  • Proposal to change the name of “Winter Term” to “Spring Term”
  • Approaching College Democrats/Republicans for walking people to polls on election day
  • Senior Seminar proposal to be brought up in CPC
  • Maintenance request has been initiated to fix crimson card scanner in between Jazzman’s and Library

President’s Report—Joseph Gearon

  • What can we do as far as brainstorming solutions for the incidents on N Broadway crosswalk?
    • “Skywalk”
      • City does not wish to build a skywalk
    • Unreasonable for DPS to stand outside during peak hours to direct traffic
    • Rumble strips on Broadway
    • Pedway between new campus center
    • Pressure plate “stoplight” device
    • Reach out to police department to set speed trap; officer sits in back circle
    • Digital stop sign that changes when student is present
  • Looking over Constitution, there are certain gaps
    • Should SGA take political stances on topics
    • Political: Issues that can be interpreted as political, i.e. taking a stance on a particular side
    • President Carey has set the precedent of making political, yet bipartisan statements in the past
    • “The purpose of the this organization is to represent the the body”
    • Other organizations are giving their clubs a voice
      • Some people might understand SGA’s refusal to take a side as actually taking a side
      • Is not giving a moral voice in the subject
    • Political organizations exist on campus to provide an outlet for student representation
    • How do we respond to the open petition drafted by SAB in response to standing with immigrants?
      • Response from senators: our aim is to be neutral.
    • Have there been other examples in the past where SGA has acted in a political role?
      • President: not really. This semester, however, we have been asked by the university to make a statement regarding the social media harassment situation. Second instance; asked to sign said petition from SAB on immigrants.
    • As individuals, we are allowed to voice our opinions, but outside of the bounds of SGA
    • Some voice concerns with making a political statement since no single person will have the same opinion. Therefore, as a representative body, we cannot fully field a political opinion
  • Final Determination- SGA will not take political stances because SGA represents the student body of the university. Students here are so diverse and there is not a single issue that everyone agrees on.