Megan Graft
Editor in Chief
Born and raised in NKY. I love to be outdoors, be active, and travel, especially around the western U.S. I'm on The Rambler staff because I love to tell stories, and because I believe the student voice is crucial for Transy to thrive. Come find me at Common Grounds anytime.
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Madison Crader
Managing Editor
Born in Seattle, Washington and raised in Orange County California Aspiring Journalist pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Writing, Rhetoric, and Communication from Transylvania University Current Managing Editor for the Rambler Newspaper Current Editor in Chief of the Odyssey Online

Tyler Lega
Creative Director
Runner. Writer. Student Advocate.
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Emily Dent
News and Photography Editor
I'm a sophomore at Transylvania, where I study Writing, Rhetoric, and Communications (WRC) and Spanish. I hope to someday pursue a career that allows me to write and be creative for a living. Besides writing, I enjoy reading, singing, and riding horses. In my free time you can usually find me napping, snacking, or bothering my friends.
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Tristan Reynolds
Opinion Editor
I'm interested in ideas. Both within and outside the context of my studies in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE), I've developed a substantive body of work. I have additionally served as a member of the Transylvania Student Judicial Board, and continue to do so. I am now working on a number of exciting projects, including a book about the growing knowledge gap between classes.
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Aaron Martin
Campus Life Editor
I am a double major in Psychology and Writing, Rhetoric, & Communications. I first joined the Rambler to get a taste of journalism and to make an impact on Transy's campus. I never outgrew my childhood love for all things Disney, but I'm okay with that.

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