Saturday, December 15, 2018

Slack Chat: The Rambler talks through election expectations

The 2018 midterm election is today. Naturally, The Rambler's staff has some thoughts about the state of the election in general, and Kentucky and...

It’s finally Election Day. Read all our coverage here.

Two years of Sturm und Drang will conclude (or grow wilder! Who knows!) today with an election—one we seemingly began talking about the day the...

Here’s where you can read our profiles of Lexington City Council candidates

Over the past month, The Rambler has published a set of stories and profiles on several candidates for the Lexington City Council. As you...
Adrian Wallace

At-large Council candidate Adrian Wallace on his vision for Lexington

Adrian Wallace, a first-time candidate running for an at-large seat on City Council, says that after serving in the Iraq War from 2006 to...

At-large Council candidate Richard Moloney on his experience and priorities

Richard Moloney is one of six candidates for three Council-at-large seats in Tuesday’s election. All Lexington residents vote on candidates for the at-large seats,...

McGrath and Barr in statistical tie in last pre-election poll

Amy McGrath and Andy Barr are in a statistical tie in their race for the Kentucky 6th Congressional District House seat, a new poll...
"I Voted" sticker.

Here’s how to vote if you live in Lexington

Election Day is just around the corner, and it's important that everyone knows what to do. Although this round of voting will not determine...

Here’s what happened at the “Battle on Broadway”

The University of Kentucky’s Wildcats hosted our Transylvania Pioneers at Rupp Arena on Friday night in the “Battle on Broadway.” The Wildcats prevailed over...

Battle on Broadway: Preview

Tomorrow will mark the first time since the magical Kentucky national championship season of 2011-12 that our Pioneers' Men's Basketball team will square off...

Here’s how to understand betting on horse races at Keeneland.

Social Media Editor Alex Petrocelli and reporter Will Easley explain how horse race betting works, and what you need to know to understand it...


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