Adviser’s Corner

Links Gathered by Student Media Adviser Tom Martin

Student journalism: innovative or indulgent?

Imagine twenty or so stressed students sitting in a seminar room on their Tuesday evening, discussing whether a broken window on Hawthorn Terrace constitutes a good news story, and that’s essentially an accurate depiction of what most student journalism entails, writes Helena Snider in the Durham student newspaper, The Palatinate. “So what do student print publications try to do, and why do they bother?”, she asks. Read on…

Fiction As Fact on Social Media

“For all the suspicions about social media companies’ motives and ethics, it is the interaction of the technology with our common, often subconscious psychological biases that makes so many of us vulnerable to misinformation, and this has largely escaped notice.”


Google and Facebook Failed us

The world’s most powerful information gatekeepers neglected their duties in Las Vegas. Again. Alexis C. Madrigal has this report in The Atlantic:


Connecting Transy with community and world 

world-1264062_1280Rambler editors and writers are looking for local, state, national and international news stories with potential connections to the campus community. See a current event that might be better understood with historical perspective? Or maybe you’ve heard about legislation passed in Frankfort or Washington and wonder about its implications. Whatever the topic, please feel welcome to send your idea for consideration to Student Media Adviser Tom Martin: If available, please include a link to the original article.