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Watch a newspaper going to press


Avoiding articles from “the creep”: People trust news based on who shared it, not on who published it

“When people see news from a person they trust, they are more likely to think it got the facts right, contains diverse points of view, and is well reported.”


College journalists react to Trump’s war on the media


84 scholastic journalism organizations issue statement supporting freedom of the press




What you need to know about the enemies of the American people the president warned you about


Playing both sides against the middle

“These ‘for-the-cause’ sites that appeal to hardcore partisans are in fact owned by the same Florida company.”


Covering pols who lie, and why facts don’t always change minds

The Nieman Lab’s Laura Hazard Owen looks into how journalists should cover powerful people who lie.


(From Wired article on innovation at the NYTimes) The Pew Research Center recently asked Americans whether they prefer to watch, read, or listen to the news. Here’s what they said.


Viewpoint: Student newspapers are struggling with their First Amendment rights

Resistance to divisive policy initiatives launched during the opening days of President Trump’s administration has tested the limits of how much speech the law will protect and public opinion will abide.

Nowhere is the tension greater than on the campuses of public colleges and universities, where policymakers are being called on to balance the rights of speakers against the demands of offended listeners – with the added complication of social-media platforms over which campuses may lack jurisdiction.


Why new journalism grads are optimistic about 2017

Al Tompkins conducted nine interviews with graduating seniors from schools large and small. They plan on working in radio, TV, online and print.


10 Investigative Reporting Outlets to Follow

Here are some new organizations, as well as a few established ones, that are working to uncover the truth.


How libraries can lead the way on media literacy

“Nothing less than our capacity for online civic reasoning is at risk.” – Sam Wineburg, professor at Stanford Graduate School of Education.


Connecting Transy with community and world 

world-1264062_1280Rambler editors and writers are looking for local, state, national and international news stories with potential connections to the campus community. See a current event that might be better understood with historical perspective? Or maybe you’ve heard about legislation passed in Frankfort or Washington and wonder about its implications. Whatever the topic, please feel welcome to send your idea for consideration to Student Media Adviser Tom Martin: If available, please include a link to the original article.